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This Website is a humble initiative to introduce pilgrimages of India (especially all oldest pilgrimage on this Earth).

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Ramrekha Series

RamRekha is a holy path on which during 14 years of exile (BANWAS) period lord Sri Rama, Mother Sita and Sri Laxman had visited many places and lived here for some time. Some archeological structures like agni kund, charan paduka, Sita chulha, Sita kund, gupt ganga etc. shows that during exile period they followed this path. Ramrekha series initiative is to introduce these holy places to the people for the enhancement their knowledge on Sanatan pilgrimage.
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Care Our Teerth

The word ‘Teerth’ means sacred place or holy place of pilgrimage which people visit for devotional practice. In every religious tradition Teerth / Pilgrimage is an important practice because the life of faith is like a journey and daily prayer or visits to places of worship are important in this journey too. 

In Hinduism, the Puranas admire the greatness of Teertha’s. There are legends associated with every one of such Teertha’s. Visiting Teertha’s and bathing in the holy rivers or other holy water bodies found in Teertha’s are often considered a means to moksha or freedom from the transmigratory cycle of repeated births and deaths.