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About Us

Why to care about Teertha's?

India has seen several waves of invasions over the millennia. Many invaders struck the Indian subcontinent, often got assimilated into the civilizations preceding their advent and during their conquest and reign many ancient Teertha’s, temples couldn’t survive centuries of repression, invasion, and persecution. Even today as well unfortunately many Teertha’s are disappearing because of people unawareness, encroachment etc.

So, there are many Teertha’s in Puranas which were disappeared need immediate attention hence to Care Our Teerth’s we started a movement which is completely noncommercial activity. The purpose of the website “CareOurTeerth.Com” is to identify knowing of those Teertha’s which are disappearing because of many reasons. Through this website & various social media platform like YouTube Channels, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter etc. we will be UNFOLDING The UNTOLD stories of our ancient pilgrimage which need real care for preservation.


Our Mission

To protect & preserve our Teertha’s.

Our journey began for a cause. If there is no pilgrimage then how pilgrim will go for Teertha Yatras? Hence, we are trying to help to cover the ancient Temples, Saint & Sages house, Unsung glories, Infamous Mythological events & activities, many archeological places which are well mentioned in Puranas but still people are unware about it.


Our Vision

We are trying to point the place through different series.

To see our Teertha’s for future generations. As it’s very precious, so we have to protect it and we want to preserve our spiritual achievements…..

… depends on God’s wish & interest of people.

Our Team

Care Our Teerth Team Members

Sri. Dharmendra Kr. Singh 'Vats'

Smt. Renu Kumari

Aditya Vikram Singh

Ranjan Chakraborty

Anjani Kumar

Nandan Chakraborty

Debjit Mukherjee


Smt. R. Joshi

Smt. P. Joshi

Sri. Ashok Kr. Mehra

Agrajit Gahlot

Ankit Kumar

Smt. Niwasini

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